Q: I cannot install iPhotoDraw on Windows 8/8.1.
A:iPhotoDraw 2.1 already fixes this problem. For the version before 2.1, you need download Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 to your Windows 8/8.1 machine.

Q: After I download the CHM help file, why the content is blank when I open it?
A: This is a Windows security issue. You can right click on the CHM file and click on Properties. Then click Unblock. After that, you can see the content of the CHM file.

Q: When I click [Save], why iPhotoDraw just saves annotation objects in a separated file? Why not save to the original image file?
A: That's by purpose. We save the annotation data into a separated xml file (in the format of xxx_data.xml) so the original image file is intact. Once you decide the work is done, you can choose menu item [File\Export] to export the image as well as the annotation to a new image file.

Q: What's the technology you use in iPhotoDraw?
A: iPhotoDraw is developed with pure .Net technology. It based on Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework and no other 3rd party Dlls/Components are needed.

Q: Does iPhotoDraw support multi-language?
A: As the first release, we only support English and simplified Chinese. Supports on other languages are underway. Volunteers on the translation are very welcome. Please see the Technical Support session.

Q: I accidentally select a language which I don't understand, how can I roll back?
A: Locate the iPhotoDraw configuration file AppSettings.xml. It should be in folder like C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\iPhotoDraw. Open this file with NotePad. Find the <Layout> xml node, remove the attribute CurrentCulture and save it. Run iPhotoDraw and it will automatically choose the language based on your Windows' current culture settings and use English as a fallback if the current culture is not supported by iPhotoDraw.

Q: I configure an annotation shape with complicated properties. And I don't want to do the configuration over and over again. How can I re-use these property settings?
A: Right click on the shape, from the popup menu, choose 'Save Properties as Default'. Then the properties of this shape is saved with the system (even after you close iPhotoDraw). Next time when you create a new shape, these default property settings will be automatically applied to it.

iPhotoDraw v2.6
Platform : Windows XP (sp3) or later
Software requirement : .Net Framework 4.0 or later
Languages supported:
English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) German Hebrew Czech French Swedish Russian

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Released on Jun 7, 2018
Build : #6728
Size : 25.7MB
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